There was a feeling I got when I looked to the west…

Saturday 13.7.2013:There was a dream and there was desire a yearning in my head and soul…but I didn’t take my chances by a big jet plane and nobody’s told me that there was a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair…la la la la

Don’t think about the things what you need to do…put out the light,close the door…you have to go…: I had no money and I had nothing to eat I took only that what I found and ate that what other people didn’t like no more on my long way from Germany to Machynlleth…

I found a way to connect several important things: Sport,music and eveningschool. I walked 83 miles to Cologne then I travelled by bus from Cologne to Dover. 15.7.2013: I left the ship and my experiment has
begann…I crossed the War & Peace Festival near Folkstone and I knocked at my first door to ask someone's:Hello Mister,do you would tell me something about that big Festival?

Yes he did,it is one of the biggest festivals over the world...soldiers from the first and second world war meet there for some days,to remember in peace,and remember too,for the bad feelings in the past.In the evening my day finally ended in Maidstone,under a tree I grilled some potatoes over an open fire which I found on a field.

                                           "Earls court& Friends"


From Maidstone to Sidcup and further to Epsom 34 Miles Road where J. Page lived for more than 40 years but nobody’s couldn't remember at that past time.Somebody means: Oh yes Jimmy Page lived here? I didn’t know before.

Doors in many different,blue,green...People,you want to find out something about their lifestyle,you like to know how they are? Don't worry...ring or knock do it do it again and again you will see what will happen! I really wondered about those kindly and heartly people and I often was involved in really interesting conservations so as I met the nice couple on my way through Wimbledon. 155 Oxfordstreet here was the Rak's office of Peter Grant and Mickie Most in the sixties...remember the time as Jimmy Page was a session musician(last picture right down)


I crossed the Earls Court…

”did you hear the voices and acustic guitars…yeah all the good times we had,I sang lovesongs so glad,always smiling,never sad,so fine”…hey look at this:


I stood in front of the really glory Royal Albert Hall touched her lovely with my hands…I never ever can describe what I felt in this moment it was so incredible!

Lights traffic-lights “look left look right”…stroll and stray...colourful promotion lights flashes,taxi,cycles,double-decker powerful red,

ambulance,police,blue sirens...jam,subway,restlessness,stress,fast foots,hasty large steps...that's the life in town.


20.7.2013:Stratford:Cottage after cottage…pubs after pubs…everyone’s has his own name: The old Oak Cottage,sunflowers Cottage and many more lovely names I love that really old style…if I would invite you wouldn’t never leave this peaceful place it’s so beautyful.

Redditch-Bromsgrove-Rushock cemetery lately evening: I stand in front of John Bonham's tombstone and I spend the night in the church.21.7.2013 Kidderminster where Plant lived as he was a child…Shatterford do you really know where he does live in Shatterford? Bridgnorth-Wenlock Edge-Craven Arms should I tell you what I found on my way? Cake on the Oxfordstreet,bread and sandwiches,pizza in Ealing and Redditch,a portion fish & chips in Craven Arms.if I think about the cake on the Oxfordstreet it was like a Celebrationday...only a bit but the taste so intensive…still today I have the sweet taste in my mouth.Pick and picked are cherries&cherries more than I ever ate in my past life!

Fine restaurants,pubs,snack bars...people they eat and drink wine and beer talking and smiling and the smell of beafsteaks and chips is so tempting.


                                          "Stairway to heaven"

23.7.2013 “As I walked the last yards on my way to Bron yr aur I wasn’t sure that I would be on the right way and I asked a man in a lower cottage: Sir,I’m sure that you know that famous cottage Bron yr aur? He answered: Oh yes you’re right it’s near do you really want to climb the stairway to heaven? Oh yes that is this for what I came for…”


Please don't ask me what I thought I didn’t know exactly…but it was so
amazing I just couldn’t believe that I was really here out there in Wales in front of the cottage golden hill.

The Band created songs like that’s the way and Down by the seaside…and sometimes they spent their evenings with friends in the old town of Machynlleth with acoustic playing guitars.


Guest-book I wrote my lines,I talked with the nice guy Scott and a couple of kindly and polite people about the past and future at last I visited the record shop…oh yes,sometimes he comes here in(Plant) he has a cottage on the other side of town,also Chris Farlowe visits my shop from time to time.



Especially I would like to thank to Scott Roe the real Bron yr aur,Allan& Lynne Macaskill for their great hospitality for that short time in Machynlleth

The time here was very short,but so amazing and incredible,especially I wondered how the people told such remarkable stories about the past...I felt as I've been back in August 1970...and I carried all these mighty thoughts on my farther Journey.  

High noon time to say goodbye I walk between mountains and high hills sheeps and cows…up and down 35 miles to go should be possible for today it was 21:30 as I arrived in Rhayadar                   


                                     “Jesus make me my dying bed"


I decided to walk throughout the night but now deep in the night I get very tired for some minutes I lay in a Busstation I get up walk and walk for a short time.Anywhere I don't know how could it happen I fell in the grass by the roadside sleepy…I heard a car…stop lights flashes and someone’s asked me: Hey Mister are you right? Yes I am I only want sleep for some minutes…It really didn't conscious for me in which dangerous situation I' ve been.In the early morning I arrived Leominster…exhausted…tired and my mind dazed and confused.


                                          "The crawling kingsnake"


I felt the strong hard pain in my foots…rests for rests and I have no idea what the time what a day it is. Worcester 21:15: No it doesn’t work no more…105 miles I walked nonstop in more than 34 hours...I hear the threatening whisper of that crawling kingsnake.


Do you really like to know where I slept during that time in England? There was a park,there was a bank,the church in Croyden and Rushock,once a barn in Banbury and Craven Arms,a busstation and now I lay on that doormat on a floor in that old left house.You turn left,you turn right you lay on your back but all of these doesn't work...your body in worsest condition,get your sleep maybe for 2-3 hours.

25.7.2013 Worcester-Evesham 19 miles-Evesham-Oxford 46 miles my last strength,I should think about the end of my Journey…Oxford is too far Frank you cannot reach it today! Chipping Norton 16:20 a Truck driver takes me away to Oxford for once more 23 miles.As I got out of the truck I really felt the tiredness in my body in my legs…still 2 miles to Oxford took a rest…only a few steps the next rest.

From south to northwest,more than 570 miles in 13 days,every day 43,8 miles in 15 hours and more…from sunrise to sunset.

Indeed I had some money for surety but I didn’t buy anything till I reached my final finish Bron yr aur in Machynlleth.

I don’t know wether you can understand what I did,and I don’t know wether you can feel what I felt that really incredible time…and I don’t know wether can you feel what I found:
Freedom…inner satisfaction…it all has a incredible influence in my life


I would like to thank following people: Dennis Ashford,the nice couple in Wimbledon(Sustrans),Big Issue London,Cafe Boheme Covent garden,and all other peolpe which I met on my journey.


Special thanks to following persons:Singh,Baldev Slough,Allan& Lynne Macaskill(Felin Crewi) your Welsh breakfast was so good,Scott "the real Roe Bron yr aur",thank you so much Scott for your friendly invitation...take always care in all time for this historical magic place.